Rivett History

An unofficial web site devoted to the products of the Rivett Lathe and Grinder Company and its predecessors. These pages are a repository of information for Rivett machine owners as well as others interested in fine metalworking machinery.

New material in this revision:
An album of photographs of Edward Rivett
Substantial additions to the Lathes entries in the Survey area
Brochures added for the 505, 507, 608, 1020, 1020S
Brochures added for collets, oil cups and lathe drive systems
Complete manuals for the 608 and 1020S
Specifications for proprietary tailstock taper used on many lathes
A photo album with pictures of machines  belonging to the famous and less famous.

More and updated links to additional resources

The site is a collaborative effort of two Rivett enthusiasts, Tom Hammond, tom@RivettLathe.com and Greg Dermer greg@RivettLathe.com. Tom is responsible for the historical documentation found on these pages unless otherwise attributed. Greg is responsible for the web site itself (and the mistakes!).

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The fine print:
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