Ernie Haskell's 608

Ernie's 608 has the speed box drive, takes 5C collets and is dressed in "military uniform" (i.e. painted head- and tailstocks). It has been mounted on a desk.

Charles River 608

This lathe is on display in the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation in Waltham, MA.

A sign reads:

"Polaroid's First Lathe, Donated by Mrs. Wolff in memory of her husband Otto E. Wolff, Vice President, Engineering, Polaroid Corporation"

Antique Powerland 608

This lathe, serial 372, is on display in the Pacific Northwest Truck Museum at Antique Powerland, Brooks, OR

The sign reads:

"Clessie Cummins personal lathe. Used in part for developing the present Cummins Engine & Jacobs Engine Brake."

Rick Kruger's 1020

Serial number 107, one of the few known examples of the pre-WW2 1020.  A surprising number of these lathes have ended up in the Portland, OR area.

This lathe was restored as a joint project between Rick and Brett Flemming.